(8) 4.5” Hamburger Buns. Made from French bread dough, the ideal size for your perfect hamburger.

(8) Hot Dog Buns. About 6” in length. Can be used for Sausage, Hot Dogs, or Shrimp and Lobster Rolls

(8) Petite Ciabatta. Italian rustic bread that is light and airy in texture and made from an all natural Italian starter. Good to put directly on the grill to lightly toast for a rustic garlic bread or for your next tri-tip sandwich

All natural and NO preservatives, Claudio’s makes a bread that uses whole, responsibly sourced, and milled grains. We use natural Levains, Bigas, and Starters to achieve the texture and flavor of our breads.

Instructions / Storage

  • Breads arrive ready to unwrap and enjoy!
  • Consume within the week, if left out
  • To enjoy for longer, bread may be kept well wrapped and frozen for up to a month
  • Breads should not be refrigerated
  • To serve from frozen, allow loaves to thaw at room temp can be eaten as is, toasted, or refreshed in a 250ᵒ F oven