Claudio was born in S’Antonino di Susa, in the Piemont region of Italy. He is a third generation baker. As Claudio puts it “…..There was grandpa, papa and me.” The original Fratelli Cantore bakery is still in S’Antonino di Susa and is operated by Claudio’s brother.

Claudio emigrated from Italy to the United States in 1974, and immediately went to work in a bakery in San Francisco. There he gathered extensive experience in sourdough bread techniques. This experience, in addition to his training in Italy, afforded Claudio opportunities to expandhis knowledge of the science and technology of baking, as well as perfect the practical methods which have made him so well known in the professional baking arena.

In addition to being a master baker, Claudio is a consultant and an excellent teacher. One of his stated goals is to assist other bakers to become knowledgeable enough to operate independently and to resolve problems on their own. He has assisted many bakers and bakeries to achieve that goal. Claudio is a man with an incredible depth of knowledge, a wisdom which belies his age, and a person who has always found a moment to help a fellow baker. Claudio, along with his family and employees, tries to work toward the highest goals of delivering quality products as well as adding a personable touch to all of their customer’s needs.