We use our sourdough starter for our breadsticks!

Our sourdough is made in the traditional way—a slow fermentation process allowing the Mother (starter) to feed on the flour and water, producing good bacteria and acids along with other compounds that allow the bread to rise and give its distinct characteristics. Our Mother (Sourdough Starter) is over 40 years old!

Sourdough is…

Recognized as a Heart Healthy Bread given its lower sodium content.

Suitable for gluten sensitivity, the microbes “Good Bacteria” in the starter break down some of the gluten found in wheat flour.

Healthier choice for its lower glycemic index.

Has “good acid”; lactic acid results in easier digestion and more mineral.

No Preservatives: acetic acid is a natural preservative which prevents the growth of mold.

Traditional Sourdough has NO yeast.