Claudio has been offering consulting services for the last 30 years. The majority of his clients he services via phone, fax, and email. This allows the client to keep cost down and keep the consultation efficient with quick response time/turnaround. Though, if need be, he does visit sites.

These are some of the consulting services he provides:

  • The latest US and European technology on bakery equipment, purchasing and bakery layout.
  • Developing tailored recipes to meet client- specific requests and/or needs.
  • Modifying existing bakery production to run at full capacity in an efficient manor.
  • Advice concerning financial aspects and overall bakery management.
  • Classic California sourdough starter and sourdough production.
  • Vast assortment of European Breads produced efficiently in American run bakeries: Ciabatta, Pasta Dura, Grissini, Artisanal Breads, Challah, Baguette, Sweet Breads, Classic Pantene, Pandoro, Croissants, Brioche, Danish Pastries, International Cookies


For more information about consulting, please contact Claudio directly at [email protected]. References are provided on request.